Welcome to Kindness Unexpected!


Though the idea for this blog came to me like a lightning bolt last night, I’ve known the person who inspired me to create it for the last 28 years. He’s my husband, Sam. (We met at a summer camp when we were just 13.)

Sam is no ordinary man. Meet him once and you’ll quickly declare that “He’s the sweetest man in the world!” (If only I had a nickel for every person who told me that…I’d be rich!) Sam is the epitome of a “giver,” he loves surprising absolute strangers with gifts. Often I’m witness to it and I love it when I see their faces go from total confusion (“Why are you doing this?”) to absolute delight (“Oh my God, thank you!”)

Now, let’s be clear. Though I’m making this blog because of him (and I promise you, you’ll read some hilarious and unbelievable stories), it’s also for me and you. Over the years, I’ve been inspired by him to, in my words, “create joy.” In fact, over the last four days, I’ve practiced four random acts of kindness. (I’ll share one of those special stories with you in a later post.)

This blog was also created to inspire YOU, my readers, to find creative ways to make someone’s day. It’s no coincidence, I think, that this article from Inc. popped into my inbox today and just an hour before, at my local Chick-fil-A, I actually did #9! Oh, God (or the universe, depending on what you believe) works in mysterious ways. It was like I was meant to start this site!

Soon, I’ll share with you a funny and inspiring story! Just to give you a hint, if you’re a new parent, have a friend that is going to be a parent, and you are an Amazon shopper (who’s not?), you’re not going to want to miss this.

P.S. Another source of inspiration for this is blog by Neil Pasricha: 1000 Awesome Things. I am currently reading two of his books, The Book of Awesome (The Book of Awesome Series) and The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything=Have Everything.

I just started a private Facebook group where we can all share some of the unexpected things we’ve done or have happened to us. Just answer a few questions and I’ll, most likely, approve you. Feel free to share away! Let’s inspire each other to become better humans of the world.

(Pic: Sam with my two baby boys, Parker and Logan.)

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